Portfolio Update / New Work

The portfolio has been updated with new work for Nitro Snowboards, Relient K, Light Years, Von Shakes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Paper + Plastick Records, Bring Me Your Vultures, Strange Acres and more! Hopefully I'll get another decent sized update in before the end of the year.

BRMC 2013 Tour Posters

Posters for the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2013 Specter At The Feast tour are now available in the webstore.  They were based off the concept of hidden evils lurking behind objects that we normally take comfort in.  The concept reminded me of the twisted morality tales found in EC comics from the 50's and that's the sort of feel I tried to emulate in the artwork.

Bring Me Your Vultures

The Mohawk Place was like a clubhouse for my group of friends as we were growing up (or not) and all of the other misfits in Buffalo for the last 20+ years. Last November when it was finally announced that the club was closing down for good, it was a pretty bigger shocker for everyone.  We crammed in as much fun as we could in the remaining months at the club, and my best friend (along with the help of my brother and a ton of our other friends) decided to document it's last days. Out of that footage came Bring Me Your Vultures; a documentary on the history, patrons and last days of The Mohawk.  I was happy to contribute what I could and aside from creating the film poster, I also created the branding and title sequences for the film. I'm really proud of all of the work that was put into the documentary by everyone (most of whom are my closest friends) and think something pretty rad came out of it. The official release day has been set for Jan 11th and more details will be released soon. You can follow the film at facebook.com/bringmeyourvultures There are more detail shots of the poster and some of the individual portraits up in the portfolio section.

New Work For Nitro Snowboards

Last year I worked with Nitro on three new boards for the 2014 season. This is a short promotional video on one of their new decks, The Uberspoon. Their art director Paul Brown and the company as a whole were awesome to collaborate with and I'm really proud of the work that came out of it. You can see close ups of the Uberspoon and the other two new boards in the portfolio section.  Keep an eye out for ten new boards for the 2015 season that will be premiering next year.

Portfolio Update

In trying to be better about updating the site more often, I've put up some new work in the portfolio section.  There is some new work for Paget Films, Quiet Country Audio, Mohawk Place, Paper + Plastick Records, The Rocket Summer and more. I've also added a new Print & Misc items section, where I'll be posting random print projects (book cover designs, posters, record packaging) from the past.

New Portfolio Updates

No matter how good my intentions are, it seems I only update the portfolio section of this site about once a year. Hopefully I will find more time to put up new work as it is actually being produced this year, but in all honesty it probably won't happen. So here is the yearly update: new work in the portfolio section for Nitro Snowboarding Co, The Kills, Flatfoot 56, The Rocket Summer, Paper + Plastick, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and more!  I'm hoping to have a misc Print / Packaging section up for past projects soon, but it is only half complete right now. Check back often for that. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Be good.